TOEFL Junior® Tests

Setting a strong foundation for your students early makes all the difference. Having an accurate understanding of their English-language skills can help you guide them to reach their full potential.

Intended for students ages 11+, the TOEFL Junior® tests are an objective, reliable measure of your students' English communication skills that can help you pinpoint your students' strengths and challenges.

The tests can be used in multiple ways in the classroom for placement and to monitor progress. Plus, scores are mapped to CEFR levels to help you better understand students' English proficiency levels and are matched with Lexile® measures to help you find the right books at the right reading levels for your students.

The TOEFL Junior scores can help you:

• Determine whether your students have sufficient communicative English skills to succeed in a classroom that uses English for instruction;

• Place students in English-language programmes so they are matched with level-appropriate instruction;

• Monitor progress over time to gauge students’ learning and proficiency;

• Use score reports and performance feedback to tailor English instruction and guide conversations with parents.

Why use TOEFL® Junior Tests?

• Map student achievement to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for international benchmarking.

• Paper-based mode is available in more than 50 countries

New test forms available each year to measure progress as students advance

Advise students on appropriate book selections based on Lexile® measures, from MetaMetrics®, to improve their English reading proficiency;