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Pearson Test of English - General

Pearson Test of English - General

What is PTE General


PTE General (Pearson Test of English General) is an internationally recognized English language test designed to allow test takers the freedom to demonstrate how well they can use English. PTE General exams were introduced in 1992 by University of London Examination Board.

The emphasis of PTE General is on practical language skills – the ability to use the language effectively in social, working and study environments.


PTE General exam is for students and adult learners to certify their language ability for travel, further education and better employment prospects.


Common European Framework (CEF)


The 6 levels in PTE General are designed to be aligned to the CEF
All levels are awarded by Edexcel and accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in the UK.


    Fixed grade boundaries give test-takers a clear idea about what is needed in order to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction and make understanding candidate performance easier for teachers and parents.


    Tests are reported in the following ways:


    PTE General Level A1 - Level 4

    Pass: 50 or above
    Merit: between 60 and 69 Distinction: 70 or above

    PTE General Level 5

    Pass: 60 or above
    Merit: between 70 and 79 Distinction: 80 or above




    PTE General certificates do not expire

    The certificates state the formal Ofqual accredited titles and levels along with the corresponding Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) levels.


    The table below shows how the PTE General levels correspond to the ESOL International accredited titles and to the CEF levels.


    ESOL International Accredited title


    PTE General Level

    Edexcel Entry 1 certificate in ESOL International


    Level A1

    Edexcel Entry 2 certificate in ESOL International


    Level 1

    Edexcel Entry 3 certificate in ESOL International


    Level 2

    Edexcel Level 1 certificate in ESOL International


    Level 3

    Edexcel Level 2 certificate in ESOL International


    Level 4

    Edexcel Level 3 certificate in ESOL International


    Level 5

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