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Excellence and Professionalism
Quality and Fairness 
Research Centre 

We believe excellence and professionalism lies in an intentional pursuit of high quality, attention to detail, outstanding customer service, willingness to learn from our mistakes, respect for individuals, our community and society in general. We strive to incorporate these qualities in our everyday interactions with our students/candidates, faculty, staff and everyone we come into contact with.

English Book Education is committed to the highest standards of quality and fairness. We invest substantial time and resources in conducting every exam, making sure that each exam adheres to our stringent fairness guidelines.

Every member of the English Book Education staff responsible for monitoring and conducting exam goes extensive training in our fairness review process.


Our dedication to fairness and equity in testing is embodied in this publication by ETS Global.

Fair Tests and Communications

Quality and Fairness

Fairness of Assessments.

The research staff includes internationally distinguished research scientists, psychometricians, and assessment specialists who support our mission in three main areas related to educational measurement:

Assessment Development and Analysis; Assessment Research; and Policy Research

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